A Virtual Power Plant or VPP is a network of decentralised generation/storage units. This could range from wind farms to rooftop solar and battery storage. In the case of residential solar and batteries, a VPP connects multiple solar PV systems and battery storage units across different sites, which are then connected virtually. The concept of a Virtual Power Plant is to bring together many batteries across the country to form one big virtual battery. When the price of power goes up on the wholesale energy market these batteries will discharge together and earn the VPP provider (you) money. When you sign up to Nectr’s Home Battery AddOn product, you participate in the VPP and are rewarded with a $10 bill credit for each month of the contract. Participating in Nectr’s VPP means Nectr requires access to your battery 52 times per year (at times you are not using it and only after your household’s energy needs are covered).

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