We would have sent you a message that your application to sign up to Nectr was missing some important information. Here’s a handy checklist to review:

  • Have you used a valid form of ID – Australian Passport, Australian Drivers licence or Medicare Card.

  • If you use your Driver’s licence, please note that there are often two numbers on the card – the card number and the licence number. Please doublecheck that you have used the licence number.

  • If you use your Medicare Card, it is important that you use the exact wording of how your name is listed on the card. For instance, if your name is ‘Maria Louise Resident” and this is how it is listed on the card, then using ‘Maria L Resident” will not be seen as a match and will be declined.

  • If you are a permanent Australian resident but used a non-Australian Passport in your application, you can scan your document and send to us via this form.

  • Can you please doublecheck that you entered all details correctly as missing one digit may mean a failed verification.

  • Remember that your name and address must match the exact details on your forms of identification.

  • If you believe there has been a mistake, please complete this form and our Customer Care team will contact you.

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