Our customer’s electricity will be supplied directly from the National Electricity Market (NEM) (aka "the grid"). As the electricity grid is a pool of electricity from a range of sources, including coal-fired generation, it is not possible for Nectr to claim that our electricity comes from one particular source.

Carbon offset – Our Nectr Friends Clean plan is 100% carbon offset. This means we offset all carbon emissions generated from a customer’s energy usage through buying carbon offset certificates/units from local and overseas projects that can include tree planting, land management or investment in renewable power developments in developing countries. 1 carbon offset certificate = 1 tonne of CO2-e.

Purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates - When customers sign up to a Nectr GreenPower plan 100% of their household's electricity usage is displaced with certified renewable energy that has zero net greenhouse gas emissions. As well as reducing their impact on the environment, by becoming part of the GreenPower community, customers are helping to support Australia's renewable energy sector. That’s because the bulk of the premiums you pay for GreenPower go directly back to the GreenPower certified electricity generators.

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